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Dr. Janine McKay is a sport-based Chiropractor serving the Greater Vancouver Regional District and Lower Mainland. Dr. McKay is experienced in the assessment and treatment in musculoskeletal injuries involving the muscles, bones and nerves of the spine and extremities. Dr. McKay’s treatment philosophy involves providing evidence-based, multidisciplinary care to her patients based on their individual needs in order to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. McKay will work with you to determine the root cause of your pain or dysfunction and develop a comprehensive, multi-modal approach that will target your specific needs. Whether you are suffering from or concerned about pain, muscle imbalance, postural weakness, performance enhancement of injury prevention, Dr. McKay will provide you with specific treatment interventions that are individualized to your unique demands.

Your initial chiropractic visit will consist of a thorough medical history and physical exam including neurological, orthopaedic and functional assessment. Based on your assessment, Dr. McKay will develop a diagnosis and outline a comprehensive treatment plan including risks, benefits and alternative treatments. You will leave with a thorough understanding of your specific injury and will be provided with educational tools to prevent re-injury and aggravation. Dr. McKay will guide you through a progressive rehabilitation program and teach you how to manage your injury at home and on the field.

Demands from sport, occupation or sedentary lifestyles can exert strain on our bodies through static postures and repetitive motions over time. Much like the engine in your car, should one area of the body start to falter the other parts work overtime in order to compensate. This can result in breakdown and ultimately, bodily injury. Athletic injuries tend to result from direct impact, poor training practices, lack of conditioning or insufficient warm-up and stretching, amongst others. These factors, in addition to changes to the cells and mechanics of the supporting tissue, can result in chronic pain and propagate future injury.

Fortunately, most musculoskeletal injuries can be treated effectively with proper management and education. Dr. McKay employs multiple techniques such as soft tissue therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, athletic taping, spinal or joint manipulation and functional movement assessment to employ the most effective treatment for the patient.

Whether your sport is in the office or on the football field, We are committed to restoring and maintaining the optimal health and pain-free function of your body.

Kinetic Therapy strongly believes that inter-collaborative care is vital to an individual’s plan of management in order to deliver the best multi-model approach to treatment.

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