On-field Medical Coverage

Kinetic Therapy offers on-field medical coverage by licensed chiropractors, physiotherapists, certified sports first responders (SFR), sport emergency medical responders (S-EMR) and/or athletic therapists. We provide a wide range of coverage such as:

Medical Emergency

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS/911) system
  • Role as First Responder, legal aspects, disease transmission
  • Health Care Provider – CPR/AED
  • Primary care survey: U-Glasgow/ AVPU
  • UCABd, airway access, equipment extrication
  • Faceguard/ helmet removal/ re-alignment
  • Obstructed airway, Heimlich
  • Airway adjuncts: oral-naso-pharyngeal
  • Ventilation: pocket mask, bag-valve-mask (2-person)
  • Oxygenation: cylinder, regulator, masks, cannula
  • Secondary Survey: DEFG, protocols, vital signs
  • Hemorrhage control: capillary, venous, arterial, direct pressure, tourniquet (uncontrolled arterial)
  • Wounds: care, dressing, bandaging, protection
  • Spinal: assessment/ immobilization/ packaging
  • Football/ Hockey spinal care guidelines
  • Respiratory: asthma, COPD, hyperventilation
  • Medical: cardiac, CVA, seizures, diabetes
  • Shock: physiological/ electrical, Epi-pen, Twinject
  • Burns: superficial, partial/ full thickness, scalds, electrical
  • Drowning/ submersion
  • Hyperthermia/ hypothermia/ frost nip/ frostbite
  • Moves, lifts, transfers, practical simulations
  • Multiple casualty, triage, exams

MSK Trauma

  • Soft tissue management- sprains/strains/ruptures
  • Field assessments- orthopedic and neurological exams
  • Basic emergency care

Concussion Management

  • Acute care and concerns on the side-line: SCAT2/CRR/neuro exam
  • On-going management and return-to-play
  • Pre-season preparation

Injury Management

  • Athletic taping
  • Kinesiology taping
  • Appropriate bracing/splinting
  • Soft tissue management

For more information on booking dates and rates, email Dr. Janine McKay at info@drjaninemckay.ca.

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