Electrotherapeutic Modalities

Modalities are a type of medical treatment that comes in different forms such as ultrasound therapy, inferential therapy, TENS and laser therapy. All electrotherapeutic modalities use small electrical impulses to stimulate muscles and repair damaged tissues. The aim of these therapies is to help relieve aches, pains, and joint stiffness. These techniques are common in multidisciplinary and clinical settings to help heal injuries and used for post-surgery rehab. Electrotherapy is best at reducing swelling, increasing blood flow to injured sites and essentially speeding up recovery time.

  • Pain management
  • Treatment of Neuromuscular dysfunction
  • Improves range of joint mobility
  • Acute and Chronic edema
  • Muscle rehabilitation and re-education
  • To increase local blood circulation

Therapeutic Ultrasound

A therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to produce mechanical energy resulting in a therapeutic benefit. Ultrasound therapy can be used to break down scar tissue and decrease pain. It can be an effective treatment for various tendinopathies and local inflammation.

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