Metagenics supplements

Established in 1983, Metagenics represents a form of natural medicine that advocates healthy lifestyles along with appropriate diet and nutrition to improve well-being and prevent chronic illnesses. Metagenics is the study of nutrigenomic products; which personalizes nutrition based on your genotype. Through this idea, Metagenics was founded in aim of determining health and disease pattern from your genes.

These nutritional products are recognized in published scientific studies for helping patients reach their optimal health and live longer healthier lives. Metagenic products include medical foods and nutrition for all ages and are designed to address many specific health conditions, For example:

  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Muscle, bone, and joint health
  • Stress management
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Immune health

The use of metagenic vitamins and supplements is becoming increasingly documented worldwide and prescribed to millions by health care professionals. What makes metagenic products beneficial and distinct from other medical products include the following:

  • Natural food medicine
  • Verified ingredient safety
  • High quality tested products
  • Plant-based nutrients
  • Scientific research that proves health benefits of products
  • Endorsed by health care professionals

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