Travel Rollers ®

What is the Travel Roller®?

The Travel Roller® is a hollow round body roller that can be used as a form of SMR. It is made from earth-friendly thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It contains no-PVS and no BPA, no rubber material. This travel roller is one of the most ergonomically correct body rollers and is used for all individuals under 6’4” in height. Travel Roller® does not deform or lose its compression/shape/feel as the foam is a true closed cell foam & grippy property that unwinds Fascia. This roller is designed for traveling, personal and home use. The measurements are 13” long and 4” in diameter. The hollow storage area can be filled with an ipod, wallet, or other massage tools. Also can fit a bottle of wine inside!

Contact Dr. Janine McKay for more information about purchasing a travel roller and/or information on how to use the travel roller,

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