Our Purpose

Mission Statement

Our mission at Kinetic Therapy is to provide the members of our community with the utmost evidence-based care while focusing on the individual needs of patients; to determine the root cause of a patient’s pain or movement dysfunction and implement a multi-modal approach that will target their specific needs; to continually seek out information to remain at the forefront of advancements in manual medical therapy; and to maintain a philosophy based on patient-centered and evidence-based care.


Kinetic Therapy is the solution for any individual seeking the most medically advanced manual therapy and movement coaching, as we work together to achieve optimal results and performance.

Our Values

Kinetic Therapy has several core values, which we structure our business around:

  • differentiating ourselves in the market of healthcare providers in British Columbia by providing thorough, diverse and EXCELLENT manual medical interventions.
  • RESPECT; for patients, team members, business networks, etc.
  • a commitment to OPEN COMMUNICATION with patients, practitioners and the healthcare community.
  • always striving to do our BEST.
  • providing products, services, and patient experience of the utmost QUALITY.
  • providing a COMFORTABLE space for patients, their friends, and their families.
  • showing COMPASSION and RESPECT for each individual.
  • UNDERSTANDING, on a personal level, the emotional aspects of medical issues and their respective treatments.
  • putting our patients’ HEALTH and SAFETY first, the company interest second, and our personal preferences third.
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