Client Testimonials

James Yurichuk
Janine has the ability to detect the root of muscular and joint problems and attacks it using various techniques. Her combination of Graston, manipulation and ART has helped me get ready for the game week after week by eliminating joint pain and increase muscle function. Weekly treatment with Janine has increased my productivity on the field and has me feeling better in everyday life!
James Yurchuk #47BC Lions/Football
Becky Roberts
I crossed the Ironman Canada finish line twice (2011 & 2012). I am so proud of my efforts and endless amounts of training I put in…but I know I couldn’t have made it across that finish line without the expert chiropractic treatment from Dr. Janine McKay. Janine was brilliant for me, she successfully treated multiple areas of my body and generously treated me outside of business hour when I was desperate. I highly recommend Dr. McKay.
Becky RIronman Triathlete
jen downer
Two weeks out from my first marathon I had chronic ITB. Without Janine I would not have made it to the start line but I did and finished only 15 minutes outside my goal time! Follow up treatment ensured I was back running my next half marathon two months later. Thanks for keeping me running Janine, I wish you could do house calls to Australia!
Jen DRunner
Giovanni D
Dr. Janine McKay has been my chiropractor for the past 2 years. She has radically changed my way of stretching and has made it possible for me to enjoy all my physical activities better. Her deep knowledge of the human body has helped me get better after both a car accident and has enabled me to go on my 7 hour bike rides without any pain!!
Giovanni DCyclist
Khreem Smith
Thanks for the wonderful treatment every week. These treatments help me prepare for each week.
Khreem Smith #94BC Lions/Football
Geroy Simon Pic
Thanks Dr. J for the treatment. Your week keeps me fresh and prepared each week for games!
Geroy SimonBC Lions/Football
I must say that you and the Graston kit scared me at first but once you went to work and I relaxed, it was one of the most effective rehab sessions I have had thus far.
Khalif Mitchell #96BC Lions/Football
Adam Martin Pic
Skill and experience coupled with the extensive variety of treatment techniques and options mean that Results will happen. Dr. Janine SieuNarine McKay gets results.
Adam MRugby
Katie R Pic
Being an athlete, I’ve had quite a number of minor injuries. Every athlete would like to be able to perform 110% every time without injuries. I am glad to be in Dr. Janine McKay’s care. She is committed to her patients and offers explanation and guidance to all injuries. Because of her work I have improved in my overall performance and have reduced my aches and pains. THANK YOU!
Katie RYouth Baseball
Tony Graves
Janine’s expert advice, knowledge of Chiropractic care and the human body has helped me improve my long boarding tremendously in ways I never thought possible. Whether it be maintaining, improving performance or recovering from an injury, Janine is the key to keeping my body’s performance at a competitive level.

Tony GLongboarder
Joe Parente Pic
Dr Janine was instrumental in my return to competitive Jiu Jitsu following knee surgery. Thru her patience and deep knowledge, she was able to tailor fit a recovery program that fit my level of fitness and age.Thanks Janine!
Joe PJiu-Jitsu
Sam Locher pic
Janine helped me so much when I tore my quad during select soccer tryouts. Because of her help I made the Gold 1 soccer team. Janine also helped me make it through the Peewee A1 lacrosse season. She is great!
Sam LYouth Soccer
pierre adjoury Pic
Thank you Janine, for treating my knee and putting me back on track. Special thanks for taking the time to understand how my injury happened and explaining how I can prevent it from happening again. That was unexpected and has been most beneficial.
Pierre AIronman Triathlete
Ross C Pic
Dr. McKay quickly diagnosed the root cause of my shoulder flexibility issues and jumped on a course of treatment. 

She went the extra step and referred me to other practitioners (RMT) that she uses personally and was a total pro throughout the appointment.  Great first impression!
Ross CStand up Paddling
Matthew Cebula Pic
Janine’s awesome-she really knows what she is doing and she is also funny. I saw big improvements in a matter of weeks from the exercises she showed me.
Matthew CYouth Lacrosse
Aaron E Pic
After skating 4500 Km across three different countries, you may need the best Chiro available. Janine’s precise treatments keep me pushing day in day out
Aaron ELongboarder
Alex W pic
Dr. Janine did an amazing in fixing my knee. It brought me back on my board very quick! Thanks a lot!!
Alex WSnowboarder
Nicila C Pic
I have really had great success and recoveries from all my random injuries with Dr. Janine McKay help and expertise!
Nicola CDancer
Matthew R PIc
Dr. Janine is the best chiropractor out there. I have known her for over 5 years and she is the best. Dr. Janine uses Graston Technique and I find that it works really well for my injuries, especially during baseball season. Thanks Dr. J!
Matthew RYouth Baseball
Brandon Jordan #91
Dr. McKay has implemented various techniques that have proved to be some of the most successful treatments I have ever experienced. She also takes a great interest in making sure progress is made. Truly a complete and precise professional!
Brandon Jordan, #91BC Lions/Football
Evelyne pic
As a physiotherapist & a rock climber, my fingers, hands & forearms are constantly being used. The minute I felt something wrong with my flexor pulley system, I consulted Dr. Janine. With a combination of Graston/ART we were able to completely prevent potential injury that could have kept me away from my sport. Her knowledge of human anatomy & understanding of mechanical stress, exceeded my expectations.
Alana Dale-Johnson
Facing the Sun Run as a run guide for a blind runner, I was having a few challenges with flexibility and my legs. Janine taped me up the day before and with the regular treatments and recommended stretching my friend and I did the Sun Run in record time.

Alana Dale-Johnson
Stephanie J
I am a dancer and have seen many professionals but no one has helped me as much as Dr. Janine.  She is so well experienced and knowledgeable in her field of work. Dr. Janine not only treats my injuries but teaches me how to train and strengthen my body so I can prolong my career. She is the first person I have met that understands each sport is different. Dr. Janine is willing to listen and take time to help solve my injuries. She always assesses all other options and discusses how I feel about the treatment and takes the time to answer all questions I have. I love that I found Dr. Janine. She is amazing at what she does. You will not find anyone else out there like her.
Stephanie JDancer
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